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school management software What we offer a set of computer instructions meant to handle myriad of administrative responsibilities of a school. Tracking of mundane operation manually could be tiring and we offer a paperless solution.... Campuzone’s School ERP Solutions are increasingly used in modern classrooms to improve efficiency and productivity while reducing time spent on administrative tasks. We lift massive burden off your shoulder! Campuzone equips schools to provide an educational experience that is effective & beneficial. Our administration system is customized to meet the needs of various educational institutions that saves time and money. Campuzone's school administration system software comes with a number of appealing characteristics, including quickness, safety, and simplicity.

School Management Software Modules

Before admissions selection and screening, a pre-admissions admin management system in an ERP for education helps regulate online registrations, ID cards and e-alerts.

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Online Class

Driven with the greatest integrated online assessment tools, e-content supply, and communication capabilities, the e-learning school ERP software delivers reciprocal advantages for instructors and students.

Career Tracking Tool

Campuzone School ERP has the best career-tracking tool to monitor student activities and send regular reports to the parent/guardian..

Individual Login

Our system is well equipped to create individual logins for students for exams, grading, and operation. Grades and exam operation systems allow schools and colleges to conduct offline and online tests, evaluate student performance, manage books, generate report cards, arrange mass competitive entrance exams and publish results.

ERP Management

With Campuzone School Management ERP, administrative burdens are reduced while productivity and efficiency increase. The cloud-based system supports an online payment gateway, RFID cards, biometrics, mobile applications, and email notifications. In addition, school administration software is flexible and may be adapted to the school's needs..

Online Fee payment

Schools and colleges may use fee management systems to build a unique payment plan that can be paid weekly or monthly, or yearly, depending on the institution's needs. It can also automatically create lists, structures, and more.

Online Regn portal

We provide best online registration portal for students, teachers and administrators to track, collect assignments, grade and online teaching platforms. Get the most of digital learning experience with Campuzone.

Campuzone Features

pc User Interface (UI): The user interface of our school administration software is extremely simple to grasp, enabling different users to manage and conduct various activities without any problem.

Erp-imageEasiest ERP to Learn and Use: All stakeholders can learn and utilize our school ERP in a matter of minutes.

Dynamic Plugins-  Plugins that are dynamic. These updates include the latest news, events, and more, which may be shared through school management system. .

FreeFree Demo : TThere is no charge for a free demonstration of our school ERP, regardless of how you found out about us (via word-of-mouth or our website). Get familiar with our goods before making a choice.

platform-imagePlatform Independent:- Our school administration software may be used on every platform, including Android, iOS, and Windows, without any issues.

live-imageIn-person assistance:: Do you have any questions or concerns about the software? We're just a phone call away! Reach out to our customer service department at any time for help with any of your questions or concerns.

webpageWeb-based: Because our school's ERP is entirely web-based, anybody with an active internet connection may access it from anywhere at any time.

mulit-userMulti-User Functionality: In our school administration software, each module has separate functions, so numerous users may access and utilize the data in the same module without any difficulties.

customized-moduleCustomisable Modules and Plugins: It is important to note that each school's structure and demands are unique, which is why each module offered by Entab may be customized to meet those needs.